COVID-19 Rental Support Relief Efforts

FOSTER and Dane County Human Services are proud to present our rental support program as part of the Dane County CORE 2.0 collaboration with the City of Madison, Community Action Coalition (CAC), and Tenant Resource Center (TRC). Supports include rental arrears, forward rent, and security deposits.

The staff at FOSTER are ready and able to take your applications through one of two processes: face-to-face or via zoom. People are able to come to FOSTER located at 700 Rayovac Dr. STE 122 in Madison on Wednesday mornings from 10am to 12pm and receive assistance. To set up an appointment to receive virtual assistance with application we ask that you call us at (608) 284-8716. If you have a previous application with CORE we suggest you reapply through our new system the Dane Core 2.0 program.

The Dane Core 2.0 application is an online system that tenants and landlords can access to complete the application for rental assistance. Due to federal regulations there is no paper application form for the program. Processing time is approximately 30 calendar days from the date that ALL documents are received from the tenant and landlord. Please ensure all documents are submitted on the front end to shorten processing time. READ the requirements carefully below.

To qualify for rental support at least one of your household members must meet ALL of the following criteria to receive rental support through Dane County CORE 2.0.


Qualifications for all Dane County residents are below:

  • You or someone in your household owe rental arrears from March of 2020 to present
  • You experienced financial hardship related to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as receiving unemployment or significantly reduced income
  • You are at risk of experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity
  • Your household income is at or below 80% of Dane County’s median income
  • Homeowner’s ARE WELCOMED TO APPLY!

Questions, please call FOSTER (608) 284-8716!